Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: RJ Sooraj publishes a note of thanks to his followers

The new episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam season 2 presented the elimination of RJ Sooraj and Jazla Madasseri who became popular through their social media posts.nWhen the duo joined the host Mohanlal on the stage, they were all smiles. Sooraj said that he was prepared to leave the house and conveyed his wishes for his housemates. Interestingly, after his elimination, Sooraj took to his social networking page to share his experience and thoughts on the Bigg Boss Malayalam show.

According to his post, Sooraj says he feels happy to be part of the show and that he would have tried to escape from the house if he had to stay there for another week. “I finally left the program after spending my days, sitting, walking, thinking, washing and bathing inside the house. I feel happy to be part of a national show that has a rich audience. I also thank everyone who supported me and loved me for who I am in the program. It is very difficult to live a life where I can be with my family, friends, mobile phones and social networks.

However, Sooraj also took the time to publish some of the interesting trolls he received from Internet users.