The Asian 20km race championships in Japan were canceled due to the threat of the coronavirus

NEW DELHI: The 20km Asian Race Championship in Japan, scheduled for March 15, where 13 Indians were going to participate, was canceled due to the novel. coronavirus outbreak.

Bhawana Jat, bound for the Tokyo Olympics, would lead the Indian challenge in the event previously scheduled for the city of Nomi.

The Asian Athletics Athletics Association (AAA) made the decision to cancel the championship after a request from the federation of Japan.

After due consideration and approval of the AAA Council, I confirm that the 20km Asian Race Championship has been canceled, AAA President Dahlan Al Hamad said in a statement.

In view of COVID-19, the Government of Japan has proposed a higher alert. All important events in the country have been canceled or delayed. Japanese Association of Athletics Federation He has requested to cancel the Championship, he added.

This is the third major athletics event to be canceled or postponed after the dreaded coronavirus outbreak in China.

The World Indoor Athletics Championship scheduled to be held in Nanjing, China, from March 13 to 15 was postponed until March next year. the Asian Indoor Athletics Championships , which was to be held in Hangzhou, China, from February 12 to 13, was also canceled.

The deadly coronavirus has so far claimed more than 3,000 lives and infected 86,000 people worldwide.

In Japan, almost 1000 cases of infection have been reported, including 705 of the Diamond Princess cruise ship with 11 deaths so far.