As an actor, if you limit yourself to one medium, you don't know what other media demands: Mahima Makwana

He entered the industry at a very young age and has left a mark on his way up. Mahima Makwana , who is currently seen as Rani in his program Shubharambh , has been gathering a good amount of followers despite the fact that some of her shows have not lasted as long as she wanted. On a recent visit to Indore , she told us about the shortest life of TV shows, missing college and how ready to venture into larger media. Excerpts ...

Your shows like Chakravyuh and Mariyam ended too soon, like many other shows these days. Why do you think that is happening?

I prepared for Chakravyuh for almost eight months, and the show only lasted six months. For a while I felt ab main kya karoon. But it was a passing phase and I tried exploring different mediums after that. Eventually, I realized that the show not working, actually worked out for me, because I ended up doing a Telgu film, a web show, took up Mariyam - wo bhi nahi chala, then this happened.

It all depends on the numbers, and if a program does not meet the required numbers, they call it out of the air. In addition, there are many programs, different media and a lot of competition, all this affects television.

But you have survived all this. How?

Opportunities in TV have been higher for me, but my goal for now is not to be stagnant in one medium. As an actor, if you stick to one medium, you don’t know what other mediums demand. I want to explore different mediums and that has kept me going.


So, are you also looking to venture into Hindi movies?

It all depends on what kind of script I get and I want to be part of a great banner movie. I would like to debut with a character that embraces the strength and weakness of women at the same time.

I had once maintained that I would not want to make intimate scenes. Will that change when you move to larger media?

I said it when I was younger, but now I will act as the script demands. The things I would like to do now can change as I have more opportunities. If the script really demands a certain scene, I will see if it is necessary for me to do my best and then decide. At the same time, I cannot say that I am now ready to do everything!

Due to the hectic television schedules, you have missed a normal university life despite continuing studies at this time. Do you miss that?

It will be a lie if I say that I do not miss the experience of university life. I miss being real, relaxing with my university classmates, because they are enjoying the moment. But to get something you have to give up certain things.