Dharmajuddha: release of Raj's political thriller until April 3

Raj Chakrabarty is next ‘ Dharmajuddha That it was supposed to be released on May 20 will now have its premiere in theaters on April 3. The release date could have been delayed for a better screen time.

Funded by Raj's home production, the political thriller has a cast that includes Subhashree Ganguly , Swatilekha Sengupta Soham Ritwick Chakraborty & Parno Mittra among others. The film has already taken everyone by surprise with the gripping trailer & the melodious songs.

The plot revolves around a small town in Ismailpur, which suffers an apocalyptic night as the people descend into anarchy when a sudden community disturbance erupts. Four victims, rivals among themselves, take refuge in the house of an old woman, who awaits the arrival of her son. Conflicts erupt within the four members as outside anxiety seizes them all, with the old woman playing the role of a pacifier throughout the fateful night. When the sun rises, the four members meet with consciousness while the sad reality of the old woman crumbles over them; therefore, realizing that humanity is the most important religion.

Going by the recently released official trailer, ‘Dharmajuddha’ seems to be a brave attempt by Raj, especially in the context of the rise of fundamentalism in the country. The film also promises to show how marginalized people from lower economic background can be brainwashed into communal ideologies by fundamentalists.