Exclusive! S Narayan will play a strict father with comic nuances in 'Old Monk'

S Narayan He is one of the directors, actors and musical directors featured in the Kannada film industry. He is known for playing small and comic characters in movies. After the 2016 movie ‘ Kiragoorina Gayyaligalu ’, S Narayan is back on the big screen for a different title,‘ Old Monk ’.

S Narayan, who is making his comeback after ‘Kiragoorina Gayyaligalu’, had a chat with ETimes and exclusively revealed, “I play the character of a disciplined professor and father in the movie. He is very strict, especially when it comes to love affairs in his son’s life. He names his are Appanna with the intention that girls will call him appa (Father) or anna (Brother). It's a fun and strict character, and it's really good. ”

The actor added: “Director Srinivas has written a good script for the film and for my character. When Srinivas came to me with the script, I really liked the character and accepted it immediately. He shows himself as a very responsible character as part of society. He is someone who will set a good example for young people and explain the concepts of love and life to young people in a simple way. The character gives a good message to lovers.

On the other hand, director Srinivas, who is also an actor, feels honored to have worked with S Narayan. Srinivas exclusively told ETimes, “He has appeared in the character of a father who is against the concept of love in the movie. He plays a straightforward person who is strict but with comic shades. It was good working with S Narayan on the set, discussing the shots and movies in general. His character in ‘Old Monk’ is turning out to be extraordinary. ”

‘Old Monk’ has completed the first shooting schedule on March 1. Actress Aditi Prabhudeva It's pairing with Srinivas in the movie. Music director Saurabh Vaibhav He will be composing music for this movie.