Ke Apon Ke Por: the bomb disposal skills of the protagonist Joba become fodder for memes; actress Simran Upadhyay shares a funny video

Move over Sreemoyee Aunt june . The hard bahu Joba of ‘ Ke Apon Ke By , It is sweeping the Internet with its bomb disposal techniques. Well, the recent turn of the protagonist Joba (played by Pallavi Sharma ) Saving his youngest daughter, Kuhu, and his schoolmates by deactivating the bombs placed in the classrooms, has caught the attention of Internet users. According to reports, the particular scene of Joba throwing bombs with scissors has become fodder for Internet memes.

Numerous posts, GIFs and memes are doing the rounds narrating how our ideal bahu Joba diffuses the bombs like a pro that too barehanded. Interestingly, some of the actors who are a part of ‘ Ke Apon Ke By ’ family seem to be enjoying the memes too. Actress Simran Upadhyay , who plays Joba's daughter, Koel, on the show, has shared one of those memes that describes how much he enjoyed it. Well, that's not all, he has praised his mother on screen that can handle almost the whole situation as a professional.

Here is the post:

Previously, the show starring Pallavi and Biswajit Ghosh He was reportedly trolled after Joba was seen in the courtroom fighting a case wearing an oxygen mask.

Another show Bengali daily soap ‘Sreemoyee’ was a hot topic of discussion among the netizens since memes and posts based on the shows are being highly shared. The character June aka ‘ Aunt june ’ is the most popular character from the show. No matter the topic, comparing it with evil-minded June and her habit of making faces, has become a trend among meme-lovers of late.