Anusha excited about her mother's compliment for her performance

Madhumanti Maitra he turned to social networks to praise the movie Barunbabur Bondhu, where his daughter Anusha Viswanathan interprets the character of Soumitra Chatterjee Granddaughter

Madhumanti wrote: Anik Dutta is the best so far and it will be interesting to see how he overcomes this masterpiece in his future endeavors. It makes no sense to talk about how the language of cinema is perfect here or how it perfects the staging. Barun Babur Bondhu It is about incorporating a worldview that was thought to be out of fashion. It is about the resurrection of ingenuity, intelligence and sensibility, not only in the cinema, but it is a persistent influence on life. And it is eminently entertaining. Magnificent rhythm and editing, neither a painting, nor a word, seems extra. See it with your children and it will bring them closer to you: more understanding of your values. Wish Satyajit Ray were alive to see what perfect progression his genre had made in his disciple’s hands. Kudos to Anik and the entire Barun Babur Bondhu team (sic).

Euphoric Anusha said: “It feels great when your mother praises your effort. Ma really liked the movie and loved my acting.