'Vajvuya Band Baja': before the launch of the trailer, Pritam Kagne teases fans with an intriguing poster

'Vajvuya Band Baja', the highly anticipated film starring Sameer Dharmadhikari , Mangesh Desai , Pritam Kagne & Chinmay Udgirkar It has been the topic of conversation in the city since it hit the ground last year. The film directed by Shivaji Patil has left many intrigued with his extravagant posters that stand out from any other we've seen so far.

La película gira en torno a una boda & será una película de comedia alegre. Ve Mangesh Desai , Sameer Dharmadhikari & Chinmay Udgirkar caught up in a gamble on love, sex, & marriage.

The movie is being produced under Amol Kagne & Lakshman Kagne's banners, who have previously produced several hit films like 'Lathe Joshi', 'Halal' & 'Perfume'.

This fiery new poster featuring Pritam Kagne & Kanchan Pagare together, dressed in their best attire, they will surely arouse the emotion of the movie, whose trailer will be released today.

It also features stars like Nagesh Bhosle, Ruchira Gormarey, Abhijit Chavhan, Ashwini Khairnar, Kanchan Pagare in fundamental roles. The film is scheduled to premiere on March 20.