The price of ATF was reduced by 10%; unsubsidized cooking gas costs Rs 53 less

NEW DELHI: Jet fuel prices (ATF) were reduced by 10 percent on Monday, the second consecutive rate reduction in so many months, as international oil prices fell for fear of the spread of the coronavirus .

Simultaneously, non-subsidized rates (LPG) were reduced by Rs 53, eliminating a third of the record rise of Rs 144.50 per cylinder made last month, according to a price notification issued by state oil companies.

The price of aviation turbine fuel (ATF) was reduced by Rs 6,590.62 per kiloliter (kl), or 10.3 percent, to Rs 56,859.01 per kl in Delhi.

This is the second consecutive cut in ATF rates. Prices fell by Rs 874.13 per kilo with effect from February 1.

The unsubsidized cooking gas (LPG) rate was also reduced to Rs 805.50 per cylinder of 14.2 kg from Rs 858.50 previously.

National LPG users have the right to buy 12 bottles of 14.2 kg each at subsidized prices in one year. As international oil prices have fallen, government subsidy payments will fall by almost Rs 50 per cylinder to Rs 240.

Cooking gas is only available at market prices throughout the country. However, eligible users get subsidy in their bank account by buying LPG cylinders at subsidized rates.

The price of 19 kg LPG cylinders, used by the commercial establishment, was reduced to Rs 1,381.50 from Rs 1,466, according to the notification.