Acting in Yuva Dancing Queen was my dream, says marathi television actress Girija Prabhu

Marathi television actress Girija Prabhu, who is popular for her television series Tuza Durava, often surprises fans with her spectacular dance performances on the stage of Yuva Dancing Queen. All contestants have left their mark since day one and Girija Prabhu is one of them.

The actress has shown once again that she is strong as both an actress and a dancer. She has always accepted the challenges and acted successfully in the program. To pay tribute to Michel Jackson , by bursting his voice against issues such as rape, sexual abuse through his performance, Girija has nailed almost every form of dance.

Speaking about his trip, Girija said in a recent interaction with the media: “I am destined to work in the entertainment industry. I have started working hard since my school days and that is what is reflected on the screen now. From acting in school meetings to accepting the challenges at Yuva Dancing Queen, I have been through everything. Acting in Yuva Dancing Queen was my dream. ‘ Chabidar Chabi ’,‘ MJ act, ‘Banji act’, ‘Potraj act’, ‘Top Shot’, I have almost performed all forms of dance on screen. The audience of Yuva Dancing Queen sent me a text message personally and congratulated me on my dance performances. I just hope that this love and care of the audience remains the same.

Girija Prabhu surprises Your fans with your performances. In addition to this, she gives her fans great fashion goals with her glamorous outfits and style statements.

The Yuva Dancing Queen dance competition show has become very popular in a very short time. Actress Marathi Sonalee Kulkarni and celebrity choreographer Mayur Vaidya They are judging the show. Daily fame of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Advance Dadarkar He is the host of the show.