Ke Apon Ke By update, March 1: Joba will bring Sanjay home

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke By , Palak feels helpless when he sees his brother's situation. Param asks Palak to admit Sanjay in the hospital and says he will take care of the expenses. Amiya also supports the idea. But Joba He suggests taking him home. This leaves everyone shocked.

Can He easily denies and remembers that Sanjay is not a good human being, he has always worked as Tandra's assistant. Param also supports his mother. But Palak begs everyone to let his brother come home.

Joba too supports Palak, which doesn’t go well with other family members who haven’t forgotten the past yet. None wants to bring Sanjay home. Palak sheds tears and tries to convince him.

Meanwhile, Sanjay, who is in a wretched condition, begs on the streets. Some passersby feels bad and gives him money. Gradually, it is revealed that Sanjay is pretending to be in a wretched condition. His current motive is to enter Joba’s place. Several years back, Sanjay wanted to woo Joba but failed. Joba disclosed his true colors in front of other family members. Sanjay wants to take revenge. He knows that his sister Palak will convince kind-hearted Joba to give him shelter.

Elsewhere, Joba speaks in support of Palak and almost convinces everyone to allow Sanjay to stay with them.

Family members remember that Keol's result will be announced. Joy and Tiya are accompanying Koel. Joy reports that Koel It has happened with first class. They plan a small party. Suryashekhar congratulates Koel and gives her a red rose. Koel Blushes They decide to go back home and celebrate Koel’s success.

At home, Param asks Joba why she wants to bring Sanjay home despite knowing his true colors. Joba shares her suspicions over Sanjay and says he must have planted bomb in Kuhu’s school. She wants to catch Sanjay red-handed.