What is India doing to contain the spread of the coronavirus?

NEW DELHI: After two more positive cases of the novel were reported, one in Delhi and one inside, the Union health minister said Monday that patients have been observed.

The Union minister said that the patient from Delhi had traveled to Italy and the one from Telangana had traveled to Dubai. Both patients are stable and are being closely monitored, the minister said.

We are observing the situation in other countries and will expand travel restrictions to other countries as well, if necessary, said Vardhan.

To travel, he added, existing visas, including Indian visas, from China and I ran stand suspended. It is advised to avoid traveling to I ran , Italy, South Korea and Singapore.

He said: Passenger controls are being carried out in 21 airports, 12 major seaports and 65 smaller seaports throughout the country. So far, 5,57,431 passengers have been inspected at airports and 12,431 passengers have been projected in smaller and larger seaports.

Fifteen new laboratories have been put into operation.

The Union minister said that all state health secretaries have been informed and are sharing information about the virus.

Home quarantine has been recommended for suspicious cases and we have taken your contact details and are monitoring them, he said.

In saying that people should not panic, Vardhan said that if someone has symptoms of fever, cough, respiratory distress, they should contact the nearest health center.

Take care of your personal hygiene. We advise people who are aware of cleanliness. Wash your hands regularly and keep your neighborhood clean, he added.