Guess what Rohit Shetty did to add authenticity to Sooryavanshi

Rohit Shetty, as a filmmaker, never thought she would end up creating a universe of homegrown cops. Singham with Ajay Devgn laid the foundation for a larger universe of heroic cops who would go all out to discharge their duties and bring respect for their khaki which distinguishes them from the aam junta. The next name added to the cop universe was Simmba, with Ranveer singh and the climax of that movie introduced the public to Sooryavanshi played by Akshay Kumar .nWhen we met Rohit shetty recently and spoke to him about creating the universe, he said, “The police officers actually treat these films like their own little franchise. They have always been extremely helpful to me and they’ve gone out of their way to help me with my shoots on real locations and to get an understanding of how their world runs. In fact, there is a crucial portion of the film which has been shot with real police officers. It just added another layer of authenticity to Sooryavanshi . It feels special that they have such regard for my work.”