Rapper Drake releases two new songs at once!

Rapper drake surprised his fans by releasing two new songs 'When to Say When' and 'Chicago Freestyle', which have been merged into one video .

The 33-year-old singer dropped the song in his official video sharing page in the later hours of Saturday.

With four minutes and 41 seconds, the song 'When to Say When' with the lyrics Thirty-three years gave the game, which mainly addresses the struggle and pain to achieve success.

Two minutes int the song, the video smoothly transits to the second song 'Chicago Freestyle', a rhythmic number compared to the former.

In early January, Drake had partnered with rapper Future and released songs like 'Life Is Good' and 'Desires'.

The official music video released on January saw the rappers not in their sassy rapping avatar but in a series of role play where they have taken up various occupations like garbage picker, a genius employee, a mechanic and also a drive-through worker.