Pearle Maaney talks about why Rajith said Sir is Uyir

Actress-anchor Pearle Maaney He had published a publication recently saying: Rajith Sir is Uyir, regarding the Bigg Boss Malayalam Contestant Rajith Kumar . She continued explaining why she did that: “I am not following the program much, and I have only seen it in parts, through the cuts or promotional videos. I also see people's opinions and trolls. The day I posted about Mr. Rajith was after watching the show for two days, and I felt that he was hurting himself physically, in several cases. I am someone who has been inside the house and I know how it feels. ”

She adds: “No one from outside can understand what it is like to get trapped inside the house, and physical violence can never be entertained there. It bothered me to see Rajith hurt Mr., and even if someone else were in his place, he would have said the same. I can't tolerate someone getting hurt in the program, and no matter what, you can't touch or hurt someone. You can't justify that. You can scream, but the moment you touch a person, you cross the limit.

With regard to personal favorites, Pearle quickly says he can't choose one, but a person would only like someone who matches his character. She concludes: “The person who wins will reflect which side the outside world is, good or bad. That will show the inclination of the majority of the audience. I don't want to confuse people picking one up. I like them all. Some of them are my friends too.