We have worked hard to extend the limits beyond music: AR Rahman

It was a weekend music for people in Mumbai, like AR Rahman He performed live for the audience, including members of the Indian Defense Forces. The Oscar nayagan, along with the musician Ameya Dabli, were part of the Ekam Satt Unity Concert: 50th Symphony .

A source says, “The 50th Symphony was a special tribute to the Indian Defense Forces. It was the first inclusive concert in Mumbai where 3000 Indian Defense forces along with their families attended the music to extravaganza. The highlight of the evening was AR Rahman performing pieces from his repertoire about nation, peace, and co-existence. Ameya Dabli also enthralled the audience with famous Kabir Das songs, like Mat Kar Maaya Ka Ahakar, Ishwar Allah Tera Naam and Satyam Sri Wahe Guru. Rahman also captivated the crowd by performing his famous Sufi tracks like Piya Haji Ali, Kun Faaya Kun and Phool Khile Bagiyan Main. ”

Speaking at the concert, Rahman said: “Our team has worked hard to extend the limits beyond music. When words stop communicating, I suffered music enhances the experience further. My interpretation of this concert was to take everyone to a different dimension, where coherence can be achieved. We created visuals and patterns to do so and aimed to have music al walls broken down.”

Ameya Dabli added, “It has been an honor to serve our Indian forces over the past few years. I was privileged to have AR Rahman as a part of this show on such a special occasion. I hope through the 50th Symphony, we were able to spread the message of One Truth, One Humanity and World Music. ”