Narrating the plight of immigrants, Majboori de Chal Mera Putt 2 will pull their hearts

After the fun song Bootan Galaan Kad Da Ae, the creators of ‘ Shawl Mera Putt 2 ’You've reached the music charts with‘ Majboori ’. Soaked with emotions, the song is basically a story that expresses the plight and feelings of immigrants.

The song is about how no immigrant leaves their homeland because of a great dream or aspiration. Mainly, there is one or the other limitation that holds them away from home.

Upon reaching the credits, the song has voices of Gurshabad , lyrics by Satta Vairowalia and music by Dr. Zeus. Watch the song here:

‘ Shawl Mera Putt 2 ’ is one of the highly anticipated Pollywood sequels. The movie is a Janjot Singh directorial, which is slated to be released on March 13. It is about the struggles of immigrants, who on one hand, fight hard to maintain a roof over their head, earn bread & butter, & on the other hand, miss their families; their land.

The stars of the movie Amrinder Gill , Simi Chahal & Garry sandhu in the lead, & Iftikhar Thakur , Nasir Chinyoti, Akram Udas, Zafri Khan, Hardeep Gill, Gurshabad , Ruby Anum & Nirmal Rishi in important roles.