Gorintaku: Parthu to pursue the mystery behind Nivedh's resemblance

Telugu popular daily soap Gorintaku He never stops keeping fans stuck with his exciting narration. The family drama will soon unleash the ongoing suspense drama around the character Nivedh , husband of the female protagonist Srivalli .

While it was already revealed that Vaun, the lookalike of Nivedh hired by Parvathy, is acting as Nivedh in front of Srivalli’s family, Parthu Now you will discover the truth in the next episode.

Parthu, who found Varun’s behavior suspicious, will finally chase the mystery behind the look-alike of Nivedh. In one of the upcoming episodes, Parthu will confront Nivedh ’s doctor who created the hoax that he (Nivedh) is suffering from a brain-related ailment. When demanded by Parthu, the doctor will admit to committing the crime as per Parvathy’s instruction. Parthu will record his testimonial as evidence and rushes to save his love interest Srivalli from the crooked plan of Varun in the disguise of Nivedh.

Parvathy with the help of Ambika has introduced Varun in disguise just to stop Parthu and Srivalli’s engagement, as a part of their revenge drama. It remains to be seen how Srivalli will react to this new drama.

Gorintaku that deals with the love story of Srivalli, a widow, with a reformed local thug named Parthu features Nikhil Maliyakkal and Kavyashri in the main roles.