Being a vegetarian improves your sex life!

In the fast-moving life, where people are gaga over various diets to look fit and fabulous, a recent study has revealed something that will surely surprise you! An interesting survey has revealed that vegetarians are the best lovers and have more sex than meat eaters.

According to a survey reported by Hucknall Dispatch, based in the United Kingdom, it was discovered that non-vegetarians are selfish in bed and unhappy in their sex life compared to vegetarians.

During the survey, it was revealed that 57 percent of vegetarians make love three or four times a week compared to 49 percent of meat consumers who enjoy the action between the sheets once or twice a week.

The most interesting part of the survey was that, almost 84 percent of vegetarians agreed that they are satisfied with their sex lives, compared to only 59 percent of meat consumers.

About 500 vegetarians, of which 38 percent were vegans, and 500 non-vegetarians were surveyed in this study.

The report duly mentions that vegetarians eat foods that are known for their aphrodisiac properties: maca, fenugreek leaves, ginseng, anise. There are a lot of different vegetables that are natural aphrodisiacs that promote sexual arousal.

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Interestingly, 95 percent of vegan participants said they were satisfied with their sex life.

Vegetarians enjoy kissing (92 percent), previous games (88 percent) and talking dirty (48 percent), much more than those who eat meat (79 percent, 68 percent and 35 percent, respectively).

According to experts, involved in the research study process, plant-based foods are rich in zinc and B vitamins, which can increase libido. Foods include bananas, chickpeas and avocados.

The study also concludes that becoming a vegan can also increase serotonin levels, which can increase sexual desire and increase happiness.

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