This is not my game: the fame of BB Malayalam, Sujo's girlfriend, digs in Alasandra

The return of the contestants Sucker Mathew & Alasandra is creating a buzz in the Bigg Boss house. From Sujo revealing that their relationship was a 'strategy' to Alasandra confronting Sujo's girlfriend for changing his mind, the topic is drawing quite some attention.

Reacting to this, Sujo's girlfriend Sanjana has shared a note on her social media. Criticising Alasandra without taking her name for commenting against their (Sujo & Sanjana 's)relationship, Sanjana said that the former is 'backbiting' Sujo & spreading rumours.

"This is not my game to play. This is between me & Sujo. As much as I respect her emotions & feelings, it is ethically wrong to backbite only about him & spread rumours without any proof when the game is being played from both sides, " Sanjana said.

Talking about her relationship with Sujo, she further added, "Sujo & I have discussed our issues privately & I clearly see his changed behaviour in the show which leads me to believe our relationship is important to him,".

Here is the post:

Earlier, when former contestant Pavan made a comment about Sanjana & Sujo's relationship, she ( Sanjana ) openly took a stand against Alasandra . Recently, after undergoing medical treatment, both Sujo & Alasandra are back in the house & have revealed their takes on the relationship. Sujo shared that it was a 'planned strategy' to survive in the game. Whereas, Alasandra said that she was serious about Sujo & criticised that he hasn't mentioned about having a girlfriend outside.