Mandy Moore almost stopped acting before 'This Is Us'

Singer and actress Mandy Moore considered stopping acting before getting his career role in the hit television show This Is Us.

Moore was better known for his singing than for his performance in 2015, although at that time he had starred in relatively successful films such as A Walk to Remember and Against I Said So.

I wasn't sure I had what it takes to achieve it, with the constant blows that charge its price.

I had made four failed television pilots ... So, I was at the point where I was, maybe this performance is made for me. Maybe, I need to hang it up and go back to Florida, go to school, go try something else, Moore said in an interview.

He persevered and achieved a new fan base through his role as Rebecca Pearson in This is us.

In another part of the interview, she talked about her marriage to Ryan Adams . The couple married in 2009 and finalized their divorce in 2016, with the 35-year-old actress admitting that her problematic relationship contributed to her low self-esteem.

I felt that I was at a point in my life where I felt more comfortable, becoming the least priority, and I made myself as small as possible so that someone else would feel comfortable, he said.