The peace agreement between the United States and the Taliban has not surprised us: S Jaishankar

NEW DELHI: Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said on Monday that the agreement recently reached between the United States and the Taliban was not a surprise, since everyone knew what would happen.

He also said that India would have to observe and see how things develop in the wake of the peace agreement.

What we saw in Doha (where the Taliban negotiated the peace agreement with the United States) was no surprise. Everyone knew what will happen. It was almost like watching 'Pakeezah' after watching the trailers, Jaishankar said at an event organized by the Center. for policy research (CPR) here.

The foreign minister said that Afghanistan has seen great changes in the last 20 years and stressed that these achievements should not be allowed to wilt.

I believe that the last 20 years have brought about great changes in the war-torn country. This is not Afghanistan in 2001. Our message to the United States is that achievements should not be lost. We have to wait and see how he plays, he added.

The Afghan dialogue will also involve the neighbors. We are all watching the space, he told the meeting.

The agreement between the United States and the Taliban was reached after more than 18 months of talks. Its objective is to pave the way for peace in Afghanistan and the departure of foreign troops.