Trinayani: double problem in Nayan's life

Bengali television series ‘ Trinayani ’Leading actors Gourab Roy Chowdhury (Dripta) and Shruti Das (Nayan), has witnessed some interesting twists in recent times. The program that was previously seen in the top five places on the TRP lists is not scoring as well. To set the correct numbers, manufacturers do not leave stone unturned to make the episodes more spicy. From Sanjukta’s (played by Debjani Chatterjee ) plan to acquire the property to Nayan Almost breaking Jasmine's pregnancy case, daily soap is broadcasting a high voltage drama these days. Well, that's not all, the program is also preparing for some new settings.

Nayan’s life is once again in danger after a snake bites her. While saving Jasmine’s alleged husband Somak (played by Yuvraaj Chaudhury ) she was bitten by the reptile. Right before the incident, Nayan had the vision that Dripta’s life is under threat. Proving her precognition right, Dripta falls prey to sabotage. His stepmom Sanjukta pushes him from the roof of an under-construction building. Dripta is taken to the same hospital by some local people where Nayan has been admitted. Adding to the excitement, Jasmine follows her next plan and takes Nayan out of the hospital fooling all the staff.

Sources suggest that the story will take a new turn with Dripta forgetting his past and his stepmom leaving no stone unturned to harm him (Dripta) taking advantage of Nayan's absence. Nonetheless to say, Nayan is up for double trouble. On one hand, she will have to fight for her life and on the other, Dripta’s life is at stake.

It will be interesting to see whether Nayan’s hurdles help the show to score well on the TRP charts.