Naagin 4 update March 1: Brinda begins to suspect Vishakha's motives

In the last episode of Naagin 4 Milli tells everyone that she saw Brinda's eyes becoming those of a Naagin. Dev and others refuse to believe her. Dev tells her she is drunk but she swears she is not. She is taken to her room. Toast He feels bad for Milli and thinks that this is the only way he could have escaped the situation. She decides not to kill Milli at all costs, even though he had threatened her.

Toast meets Lilly outside the house. The latter assures her that Prateek is a nice guy. Toast tells her she will go and meet him. Dev sees them talking and wonders where Toast has gone. He follows her. Toast talks to Prateek. He assures her that he will marry Lilly but he isn't financially stable yet. Toast understands him but convinces him to talk to the Parekhs once. Dev overhears them but isn't able to make out the connection between the two.

Toast returns home and gathers the Parekhs. She tells them she has to announce something. She tells them that she is not pregnant with Dev 's child. Meanwhile, Vishakha turns into Lilly and then takes Prateek aside. She later turns into Rajat and enters the house. Before Toast is able to explain anything, Rajat claims Toast is carrying his child. This leaves everyone shocked. However, Dev supports Toast and throws Rajat out.

Later in their room, Dev is seen upset with Toast for lying to him. She tells him to give her some time, so that she can explain everything to him. Elsewhere, Vishakha calls Mundika for help. She tells her she has failed in her effort to make Dev turn against Toast . She thinks of a plan to trap Dev in her love. But Mundika tells her that he is in love with a new naagin Toast , he wouldn't fall for her. Vishakha is convinced she'd change Dev 's heart.

Later, Toast sees the Rudraksh she had gotten from Ba on her bed. Dev tells her he got it fixed. He also informs her that Ba has decided to give 50 percent of the new factory's share to her, and it will help her in bringing up the kid. Toast doesn't want it but then turns silent. She goes to meet Lilly with the medicines that Dev had kept for her. She gives it to her, but Lilly tells her she hasn't been able to contact Prateek.

Toast sends Lilly to eat something. She tells Milli to stay in the room. And then tells her she is a Naagin, but won't harm her. Toast tells Milli she can find Prateek and wants her to stand outside the gate so that no one enters. Milli goes outside to guard the door. Toast realises Prateek is in the store room. She rushes to go there with Milli. However, on their way, she finds Vishakha flirting with Dev at the dinner table.

Toast goes to the table and serves dinner to Dev . However, when she gets Milli's call, she leaves. Prateek gains consciousness and tells Toast that he was standing outside when Lilly came to talk to him. Lilly tells him she was inside. This makes Toast suspect Vishakha's motives.