Tovino Thomas is all loot in THIS photo

The recent release of Tovino Thomas, Forensic, came to the screens a few days ago and the crime thriller continues to win hearts in theaters. While the intriguing thriller runs successfully in theaters, Tovino Thomas He has now treated his fans with an impressive photo shoot. The actor, who has a large number of followers, is also quite active in social networks. Tovino's latest post shows him doing a pose for a photo shoot.

Accompanied by a diva in the image, Tovino is seen wearing a completely black outfit. With a turtleneck t-shirt along with black jeans, a black jacket and a pair of black boots, the actor looks fabulous in the picture. Subtitling the image as My Soul Spills Black Mist, he continued writing Black&white.thebiggestdistinctionthatexists.thatbasiclineofseparation.thatsingleoptionmorethananyoneoranythinghas.whilenaturepaintedmistylayersofwhite,everythingelsehadtoturnblack.



This year is going to be great for Tovino since he will have a marathon of pitches. His first Forensic co-star release Mamta Mohandas It is in theaters and its next kilometers and kilometers will go to theaters in a couple of days. And now, the actor has an impressive list of films ahead that include Minnal Murali, Karachi 81 and Ajayante Randam Moshanam.