Need to have sober conversations: Jaishankar about the changing nature of geopolitics

NEW DELHI: A combination of ideologies, identities and history with business, politics and strategy can create a very powerful cocktail and the need of the hour is to have sober conversations, the Foreign Minister said on Monday while talking about the dynamics Changing geography. -policy worldwide.

Addressing a conference, he said that the few years have shown an increasing capacity of India to contribute to global discourse and make a difference in international results.

We gave significant meaning to the debate about connectivity at a time when the world was still confused. And we back it up with a lot of projects, even in our immediate neighborhood, he said.

Jaishankar said that India's determined campaign against terrorism has focused this issue on key global forums, including the G20.

In regards to maritime safety, India has become a key player, especially in the Indian Ocean, he added.

Speaking about key challenges worldwide, the foreign affairs minister said that after the generation of exalting the virtues of globalization, the world faces polarized debates on so many issues.

Not only has the landscape become more difficult, but the articulation of interests has been challenged. The competition is not only between the states but often within them, which reflects the tension between the previous and the emerging order, he said.

When ideologies, identities and history blend with business, politics and strategy, you can create a very powerful cocktail. But the need for time remains more sober conversations, he said.