Monday Motivation: Hold on, says Poornima Indrajith

It is important to portray the best version of ourselves. But how often do we stop and think if we are in the exact place where our heart wants us to be? In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, unfortunately, we forget to take care of ourselves. About what our heart desires and how our mental health is. Actress and entrepreneur Poornima Indrajith He simply visited his Instagram account to talk about the importance of hugging us both for our strengths and for our weaknesses.

The Virus actress took a moment to emphasize the importance of accepting ourselves as we are. Talking about the relevance of taking care of oneself, the actress has written an inspiring note. When posting a black and white photo of herself with her daughter Nakshathra, Poornima wrote about why becoming a better version of oneself becomes stressful at times. As you are about to start again this month, this note could be the best way to start the week.

The actress wrote: The requirement to be the perfect version of any role we play, whether it's mother, daughter, wife, professional, friend, sister or xyz ... it can be very stressful, exhausting and overwhelming! How many times a day do we want to say one thing and another instead, because we are concerned about what others may think? How often do we wake up in the morning with an idea in mind of what we want to achieve, only to find ourselves doing something else due to social/family pressures or personal anxieties? Do we dress as we want to dress? Do we even listen to the music we really like? We have lost ourselves in our everyday role plays that we hardly realize how empty we are due to our emotional exhaustion! Let me tell you this! No life, no matter how successful we are, will be truly rewarding or happy if we cannot learn to love and be ourselves. Being kind to ourselves in everyday life is, in my experience, one of the best things you can do for yourself. Life will become lighter and your relationships will improve. You will feel happier and fuller!

Face yourself! Accept and forgive yourself! Embrace yourself with all your peculiarity and madness ... strengths and weaknesses! And no matter what others think, start telling your story the way it should be told. # Mentalhealthmatters # selflove.

Meanwhile, Poornima Indrajith was away from movies after her marriage and recently made her comeback with 'Virus', putting an end to the 18-year break. The actress played Dr. Smrithy Bhaskar in the movie. Poornima will be next seen in ‘Thuramukham’, a movie directed by Rajeev Ravi.