Ganesh Archarya writes the name of his wife Vidhi on his birthday

Bollywood's popular choreographer, Ganesh Acharya He surely knows how to surprise his beloved wife, Vidhi. Recently, on her birthday, Ganesh gave her what she calls one of the best gifts she has received: she received her name on her arm. Vidhi says: “I was so surprised when I saw my name inked on his hand. It was the sweetest thing he did for me.

Interestingly, Ganesh is not a fan of tattoos and even discourages those around him from being inked. He shares: “Yes, I am not a big fan of tattoos and, in fact, I would tell people not to become one. He had not planned to write Vidhi's name; the thought hit me suddenly and I felt good. I wasn't on Valentine's Day, since I was busy with a photo shoot, but when I came back, getting a tattoo was the first thing I did and it was a big surprise. I loved seeing Vidhi's reaction when he saw his gift.

Speaking of his wife, the choreographer says: “We have been married for 19 years and Vidhi is all that I dreamed of in a wife. I really appreciate all the love and support I received from her over the years. She is a great Shiv Bhak and makes sure to visit a Shiv temple every Monday. Then, my tattoo also reflects his love for Lord Shiva: he has his name printed around Shivji's trishul and the sacred syllable, Om.