Krishnakoli Update, March 1: Maam helps Nikhil

In the last episode of Krishnakoli , following Ashok's plan, Shrabani He is taking care of Nikhil, who is drunk after consuming a barbed drink. Nikhil keeps talking about Shyama and for a moment he thinks she (Shyama) is next to him. Shrabani receives a text from Ashok who asks her to take advantage of Nikhil’s situation and film it too. But Shrabani is in dilemma and doesn’t want to follow Ashok’s instructions.

In the meantime, Ms Listen to Keertan. She seems to be enjoying the acting.

On the other hand, Nikhil opens his eyes and realizes it isn’t Shyama and intends to leave. Shrabani tries to stop him but fails. Nikhil can hardly walk but he drags himself outside of the room. He isn't able to walk on the road.

Ashok meets Shrabani and learns that Nikhil has gone away. He reminds Shrabani the amount of money she has taken from him when she denies doing such a mean job. Ashok also threatens Shrabani to follow his instructions otherwise he would harm her family.

Ms ’s mom and aunt worry about her. She assures them to come back soon. Nikhil falls unconscious on the road. Ms , who was passing by, notices him. She recognises him and decides to help him to reach his place.

Nikhil ’s family members are worried about him. Ms brings Nikhil home.