Mumbai: cousin of Lakdawala, a great builder, held in an extortion ring

MUMBAI: The developer arrested on Saturday, 49, whose construction company has built several high-end luxury towers on narrow plots in the last decade, in a scam involving his cousin and gangster.

Ejaz Lakdawala has been arrested before. Police say Nadeem was the gangster's mole and supposedly had passed the victim's mobile numbers, Khalid Qureshi, a member of the Waqf Board.

A surveillance notice had been issued for Nadeem, who was arrested as soon as he arrived from Jeddah. The developer owns farms in Lonavala and is the fourth person arrested for helping and inciting the gangster.

Sustained by extortion, Nadeem topo is also likely to face charges for MCOCA

Nadeem has been reserved under the IPC sections for extortion and criminal conspiracy and is likely to also face charges under the strict Organized Crime Control Act of Maharashtra (MCOCA).

Police informants Salim Maharaj, Faiyyaz Sannata and Dawood's assistant Tariq Parveen had been arrested before for helping and inciting Ejaz Lakdawala in the extortion scam.

Anti-extortion cell officials said Ejaz had revealed during the interrogation that Nadeem had provided information and contact details for Khalid Qureshi and his brother Imran. To scare Qureshi to give in to his extortion lawsuit, Ejaz had even sent him photos of his son on WhatsApp, the police officer said.

Inspector Ajay Sawant said a surveillance notice was issued against Nadeem as he continued to escape.

Police had arrested Ejaz's daughter, Sonia aka Shifa, earlier this year, as they suspected she was involved in the extortion case, but was later discharged.

Qureshi had filed a complaint in November 2019 that Ejaz was threatening him and had demanded a large sum. While Ejaz continued to dodge the police, they kept watch over their daughter. When they obtained information that she was in contact with her father, who was in Nepal, she was arrested just as she was about to take a flight to Nepal with a false passport along with her three-month-old daughter. Ejaz, who is wanted in more than 25 crimes, diverted between India and Nepal through Bihar until recently. The mobile phone numbers used by Ejaz to threaten Qureshi helped the cops track him to Patna.