UP: a woman slams her little daughter when her husband refuses to buy clothes from Holi

AGRA: a 25-year-old woman allegedly beat her six-month-old daughter daughter until death in the village of Aligarh on Saturday night after her husband refused to buy new clothes for herself and the children before Holi.

According to police, accused and her husband Rahul had an argument on Saturday evening when the latter refused to go to the market to buy new clothes as he was unwell. Frustrated, Pinky vented her anger on her infant daughter Soni and thrashed her badly resulting in her death.

Based on a complaint filed by Rahul, the police filed a case against Pinky under section 302 (murder) of IPC and arrested her.

Jawan station in-charge said that Pinky told police that she did not kill her daughter intentionally. He added that she was frustrated with domestic issues and constant arguments with her husband and took out her frustration on her daughter on Saturday not knowing that she would die.

The sources said that Pinky married Rahul, a worker at a lock factory, four years ago and they also have a three-year-old son.