British Prime Minister Johnson supports the 'fantastic' Priti Patel in the middle of a row of harassment

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris johnson She has said that she is a fantastic secretary of the household, since she supported her cabinet minister amid a dispute over the resignation of her chief official.

Johnson was asked about the controversy and allegations of harassment against the minister of Indian origin by his former permanent secretary, during a visit to Public Health England in North London on Sunday night to address growing fears about the Spread of violence in Britain.

Absolutely, he said, when asked if he had confidence in Patel.

I think she is a fantastic home secretary. Anyone who has been a household secretary will testify that it is one of the most difficult jobs of the government, the prime minister said.

In the context of what is considered a clash between politicians and the public administration, Johnson also expressed his admiration for the country's officials, whom he described as brilliant alpha minds.

There is a great, great task ahead. We are finally delivering a new immigration system for this country, a point-based immigration system, he said in reference to the new visa regime presented by Patel last month. .

Johnson's intervention came after Rutnam's explosive resignation from the UK Ministry of Interior over the weekend. While Patel herself has not yet commented on the matter, one of her cabinet colleagues, Secretary of Health Matt Hancock, spoke in her defense on Sunday.

Priti is a very determined person, but he is also very courteous, he said.

Meanwhile, the opposition Labor Party He has demanded that Patel address Parliament on charges of intimidation against him.

"The home secretary has a duty to come to Parliament on Monday to explain the allegations made about her own conduct," said Sir Kier Starmer, the frontrunner in the ongoing Labor Party leadership contest to replace Jeremy Corbyn.

The 47-year-old minister also faces the possibility of an investigation, following Rutnam's decision to sue the government for his alleged forced departure, and Starmer asked the head of the civil service of the United Kingdom, cabinet secretary Mark Sedwill, to initiate an immediate investigation into the circumstances surrounding his departure.

Now there are urgent questions that must be answered and steps to be taken, he said.

Rutnam announced his resignation in an emotional television statement when he claimed a vicious and orchestrated campaign against him and pointed his finger at Patel.

The Secretary of the Interior categorically denied any participation in this campaign to the Cabinet Office. I regret not believing him, said Rutnam, who said he intended to go to court with very strong reasons to claim a constructive and unfair dismissal. .

Rutnam also referred to tensions with Patel when he encouraged her to change her behavior.

I have received accusations that his behavior has included shouting and cursing, belittling people, making unreasonable and repeated demands, behavior that created fear and needed some courage, he said.