The dream of the era of the cold war of Russia comes to an end

MOSCOW: A girl finds a magic necklace made of mushrooms, but then an evil gnome steals it. The adventure occurs. According to its creators, the hero of a new children's book designed to Russia The first theme park is a common girl from 10 to 12 years old with big and thoughtful eyes.

One thing she is not is a Disney character. Opening a real international in Moscow would be out of the question amid the current political standoff with the US. But Russia ’s decades long quest to build a theme park, which began during the Cold War rivalry with the US, is finally reaching its fairy-tale ending. Some 60 years ago, Soviet leader first floated the idea of building an analogue to Disneyland.

The $1.5 billion Dream Island, which opened on Saturday, may certainly remind some visitors of Disneyland. In place of Elsa from “Frozen”, there will be the Snow Queen, and in the Russia n version of “The Jungle Book”, the jungle is populated by talking dinosaurs. said the park will be inhabited by dozens of fairy-tale characters, all domestically produced.

Dream Island does not mind if you invoke Disneyland to describe the park but will point out that it has no connections to the Happiest Place on Earth. “The word Disneyland is on people’s tongues,” said , a publicist for the site. “In Russia , we say Disneyland when we mean just a theme park.”

The park expects 5 million Moscow residents and 2 1/2 million tourists, mostly from elsewhere in Russia . Tickets on a weekend cost 11,000 rubles, or about Rs 11,800, for four.