Australia, Thailand report first deaths; Italy sees a 40% jump in cases

SYDNEY: The number of countries affected by the escalation last Sunday, 60, and infections and deaths continued to increase worldwide, emptying the streets of tourists and workers, shaking the economies and rewriting the realities of daily life.

In Paris, the Louvre Museum closed and the priests stopped placing sacramental bread in the mouth of the faithful. The daily needs panic arose in Japan. The tourist sites of Asia, Europe and the Middle East were deserted. And governments closed schools and banned large meetings.

and Thailand reported their first deaths on Sunday, while the Dominican Republic (first in the Caribbean rich in tourism), Ireland and the Czech Republic registered the first. I ran Iraq , Italy and South Korea, among other places, saw the number of infections increase. More than 87,000 people worldwide have been infected and almost 3,000 have died.

The United States recorded its first death on Saturday, a man in his 50s in the state who had underlying health problems but had not traveled to any of the affected areas. Rhode Island reported its first allegedly positive virus case, a man in his 40s who had recently traveled to Europe.

There are likely to be additional cases in the US. UU., But healthy people should be able to recover completely, President Trump said in a briefing on Saturday, where officials announced further warnings about travel to certain regions of Italy and South Korea, as well as the travel ban. To Iran Trump also promised that travelers from countries at high risk of contracting the virus will be examined before boarding and upon arrival.

China, where the outbreak began two months ago, reported a slight rebound in new cases in the last 24 hours to 573, the first time in five days that the number exceeded

500. They remain almost totally confined to the most affected province of Hubei and its capital. South Korea reported 210 additional cases and two more deaths from the virus, bringing its total to 3,736 cases and 20 deaths. South Korea has the second highest number of infections outside.

The number of Iranian victims of Covid-19, the disease that causes the virus, increased to 54, as the number of cases increased overnight to more than half, to 978 people. The new figures represent 11 more deaths than those reported on Saturday and 385 new cases.

Italy said on Sunday that the number of infected people has increased 40% to 1,576 in 24 hours, while five other infected people have died. The British authorities said the number of people confirmed as infected increased by 12, bringing the country's count to 35, with one death. Most of the new cases involved people who had been in Italy or Iran. The number of infected people in Germany rose sharply to 129, after doubling from 66 on Saturday. The virus has caused cancellations or several sporting events.