The president prepares to dissolve the House of Sri Lanka, polls are likely to be fast

COLOMBO Sri Lanka The new is expected to dissolve parliament shortly and convene legislative elections six months ahead of schedule, a state newspaper said on Sunday. He is expected to exercise his constitutional power to dismiss the assembly when he completes four and a half years of his five-year term on Sunday night, Sunday Observer said.

Rajapaksa, 70, won a landslide in the November presidential elections and appointed his older brother and former president as prime minister. A gazette will be issued announcing the dissolution of the current parliament at the end of forty-and-a-half years, the newspaper said, citing sources at Rajapaksa's office.

Yes, we will definitely seek to dissolve, we were prevented from going to the first polls due to the 19th constitution, a mistake from the previous government, said the Foreign Minister. The amendment aims to reduce the excessive powers of the presidency, leaving more power for parliament. Official sources said a general election was more likely in the last week of April if the 225-member national assembly is dissolved on Monday as widely expected.