Challenge for India to stop road deaths

STOCKHOLM/NEW DELHI: For Indian participants in the recent world road safety summit in Stockholm It was a shock when they said that 16 children died in traffic accidents in their country last year and 16 was not zero. Although India reported 9,977 deaths of people under 18 in 2018, which translates into 27 people in this age group who die daily in traffic accidents, it has barely received enough attention from government agencies.

The Indian delegation in the 3rd position on Road Safety recently held included the Minister of Transportation Nitin Gadkari , senior officials of the ministries of transport and health, as well as representatives of organizations in this sector.

Gadkari admitted that it was a great challenge for India to reduce road fatalities, given that 11% of all traffic accident deaths were reported from India. It is very worrying that we continue to top the list of countries with road deaths. Countries that have reduced road fatalities have mainly focused on two areas: road engineering and law enforcement, and we must address these problems instead of simply blaming drivers, ”he told TOI.

Road safety activists who participated in the event said that India can learn from Sweden , which has set a high standard and since Russia where road deaths dropped from 29,000 in 2011 to 19,000 in 2019 despite the triple increase in the number of vehicles.