A Polish student was told to leave India for an anti-CAA rally

KOLKATA: The Regional Registration Office (FRRO) received a notice from a Polish graduate student from the department of comparative literature at Jadavpur University (JU) to leave India within fifteen days for his alleged participation in an anti-CAA rally/NRC in downtown Kolkata on December 19. This is the second order of this type issued in recent days.

JU sources said the notification was issued on February 22. Kamil was told that his conduct was inappropriate for a foreign citizen who stays in India with a student visa.

A worried Kamil has informed the embassy of Poland and called on the FRRO to reconsider the notification, saying that it had simply gone to click on the photographs, which should not be interpreted as participants in the rally. He has appealed to be allowed to stay in India until July to complete his courses. Otherwise, he planned to leave India in August.

The first order of this kind issued by Kolkata FRRO was issued on February 14 to a Bangladeshi university student after the student published photographs of a pro-CAA test on social media.