Goli maaro ... heard along the Calcutta rally route

KOLKATA: The motto maaro saalon ko (shoots at the traitors) raised his incendiary head in the heart of downtown Kolkata on Sunday, with a group of BJP supporters addressed the interior minister of the Union Amit Shah The demonstration that tries to shout at the anti-CAA protesters gathered along the route. The cops had a hard time keeping the two groups apart from each other, as the anti-CAA side responded with shouts from Halla Bol (raises his voice).

The slogan pierced through the cacophony of traffic in front of The Oberoi Grand in Kolkata around 2pm, when 200-odd protesters carrying “Go Back Amit Shah” banners ran into the group of BJP supporters walking towards the Dorina crossing. The police swung into action immediately, positioning themselves in the middle of the road to prevent the situation from escalating.

Organizations such as the Non-NRC Movement later announced a campaign against the hate slogan starting Monday.

State BJP general secretary Sayantan Basu defeded the Goli maaro .. slogan making its debut in Kolkata. “How else do you expect people to react? They (BJP supporters) have seen propaganda and fake news being peddled over the past couple of weeks. That has sparked their anger, and they are now identifying anti-national forces, ”he said.