The update of Kapil Sharma Show, March 1: Taapsee says that Kapil is deprived of sleep; he asks if his 'little angel' keeps him awake

In the last episode of The Kapil Sharma show host Kapil Sharma Enter and do an entertaining opening act. It makes a fun act of standing on historical dramas and iconic historical figures.

Kapil welcomes the actress Taapsee Pannu On stage he has come to the program to promote one of his upcoming films. Kapil asks him why he makes films with unique names like Pink, Badla and now Thappad, he asks if she is single, and Taapse explodes in a big laugh. The presenter also asks the actress why she has a lack of sleep and the latter says that promotions are difficult and that it is not just about preparing and going to various platforms. She adds that Kapil is also deprived of sleep, however, for other reasons. His little angel keeps him awake every night and Kapil blushes and talks about how to handle it. Kapil also jokes that each of Taapsee's films has a court scene. Taapsee feels that he has now become a lucky charm for his films.

Later, Kapil welcomes the actress Mirza day and director Anubhav Sinha on the stage. Kapil jokes that his team doesn't usually shoot early in the morning. However, the last time Akshay Kumar came, he gave the crew 20 lakh for firing early.

Anubhav Sinha and Mirza day reveal about the infamous slapping scene and how they shot it. Dia, Taapsee ana Anubhav share incidents when they got slapped by their parents.

In the next segment, Kapil asked some questions to the guests and they had to answer in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Mirza day reveals she wants to click a selfie with Amitabh Bachchan.

Chandu enters making a ramp walk and wearing a 'ghagra' on stage. He says he is inspired by Ranveer Singh. Chandu asks Anubhav to take him to his movie. Chandu calls Bhuri, also known as Sumona Chakravarti, who is her fashion designer. Bhuri makes an incredible entrance. Chandu and Bhuri entertain the guests. Bhuri presents his strange collection in front of them.

Later, Kapil asks Anubhav Sinha why he makes only serious films and jokes that what has happened with him that he doesn’t believe in love. Anubhav breaks into laughter.

In the next segment, Kapil asks some rumors from the guests to know if they are true or not. Later, the audience interacts with the guests.

Sapna enters the stage to entertain the guests. She reveals she is promoting Taapsee's film by slapping everyone. She adds that when Mahesh Bhatt's Murder had released, residents in her colony even killed a few to promote it.Sapna asks for tips to become Miss Asia Pacific from Mirza day . She also asks Anubhav Sinha about Shatrughan Sinha. And then goes on to explain the 'Tehzeeb' message.