Center responsible for violence in Delhi: Sharad Pawar

MUMBAI: The central government is 100% responsible for the violence in Delhi, chief Sharad pawar He said here on Sunday and accused the BJP ruler of playing divisive policies in the national capital after losing the elections to the Assembly.

Addressing the (PCN) convention here, Pawar also hit the Prime Minister Narendra Modi about his speeches in the period before the Delhi polls.

According to the Constitution, public representatives and the ruling party are not responsible for the situation of law and order in Delhi. That responsibility lies with the government of the Union. Therefore, no matter what happens in Delhi, its 100% responsibility lies with the government of the Union, since it is responsible for law and order, Pawar said.

The recent community violence in northeast Delhi claimed at least 42 lives and left more than 200 injured.

The national capital has been burning since the last days. The ruling party at the Center was unable to win the polls of the Delhi Assembly and tried to divide society by promoting communalism, he said.

He said that the election campaign of the Prime Minister, the Interior Minister and other central ministers aimed to create a crack in society and damage religious harmony.

The prime minister of a country belongs to all religions, people and states. He belongs to the whole country. The person in that position who indirectly makes statements (intended to) create religious discord (in his electoral speech) is somewhat worrisome, he said, adding that the Minister of Interior of the Union Amit Shah and other ministers also made similar speeches.

Pawar said that instead of using his power to ensure the safety of people, some BJP ministers are making statements like Goli Maro ... and trying to terrorize a section of society.

This is highly condemnable, he added.

Referring to the inaugural visit of Donald Trump Pawar said a section of people was under attack while the president of the United States received a warm welcome in Delhi.

A situation has arisen to face big problems in the future, he said.