Coronavirus threat: ISSF says shooters are free to receive a call to participate in the Olympic test event

NEW DELHI: Amid growing concerns about the widespread outbreak of the mortal coronavirus , the International Shooting Sports Federation ( ISSF ) on Sunday said that athletes from member countries are free to attend their participation in Tokyo Olympic test event .

On Friday, India withdrew from the next World Cup shooting in Cyprus, citing the new threat of coronovirus there.

Considering the present situation , the ISSF issued a statement on Sunday and said shooters Those who have already secured the Olympic odds could skip the events.

The deadline for the final entries to the Test Event 'Ready Steady Tokyo' is approaching. In the light of the existing situation with COVID-19, it is for you to determine the potential risks for your athletes' health in traveling and coming in contact with citizens of different countries, the ISSF said.

"As a result of the existence of already introduced restrictions, operational measures undertaken by governments and dynamics of the virus , the ISSF recommends you deliberate in making travel arrangements."

Thailand has become the latest country to report its first death from coronavirus as the outbreak continues to spread around the world with more than 86,000 people infected.

The ISSF added, Of course, each Member Federation that has athletes invited to the Test Event is free to make any decisions on their trip to Japan and participation in the competitions.

The ISSF is monitoring the situation and desires to avoid any risk for those athletes who obtained the quota places and earned the right to take part in Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

A Hokkaido man in his 70s has died after being infected with COVID-19 , the Japanese government said on Sunday, bringing the country's death toll to 12.

On Saturday, several European countries announced new cases. Iran revealed another leap in infections, and Qatar became the last country in the Middle East to report its first case.