People with emotional influence launched an anti-CAA stir in Assam: BJP

GUWAHATI: The BJP said on Sunday that the agitation against the Citizenship Law (Amendment) had begun in Assam with opposition parties that emotionally influenced people who claimed that Bangladeshis it would enter the state en masse and damage its culture after the passage of.

However, people have now realized that nothing like that is going to happen and the turmoil has weakened, Assam president BJP told reporters here.

An attempt was made to influence people emotionally and they got affected. A large number of people have asked me why we were trying to bring in Bangladeshis. Our people are very emotional, he said.

Dass said that along with other party leaders they toured 12 electoral districts of Upper Assam and met with more than 2,400 chairmen of cabin committees and elected representatives.

We asked them about their sentiment on the situation since December 10. We all know that a misinformation campaign was going on claiming that over one crore Bangladeshis would come and attack the culture, language and identity of the Assamese people, the BJP leader said .

Dass said he asked the booth presidents how many Bangladeshis have come and they replied that none has reached there.

They confessed that people got excited, but now they have understood the situation. The anti-CAA campaign has no impact and the turmoil has weakened, he added.

Opposition parties and several organizations began the agitation against Citizenship (Amendment) on December 10, one day after their approval in the Lok sabha . The bill seeks to grant Indian citizenship to minority communities in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan who fled religious persecution and entered India before December 31, 2014.