A lively lunch organized by the Canadian High Commissioner in Delhi

Canadian High Commissioner Nadir Patel He organized a lunch for his friends and colleagues at his residence on Thursday. On the warm spring afternoon, the gardens of Patel's residence were decorated in shades of green, yellow and pink. The stage was set for a jazz performance, as the fragrance of marigold and rose welcomed the guests.

Junior host at work

The High Commissioner was accompanied by his one-year-old son, Aydin. This is the first official Aydin event, so it will help me a little. Just turned one, the High Commissioner said when he presented Aydin to the guests He added that the idea of ​​the event was to spend a fun and informal afternoon and thank everyone for being ambassadors of relations between Canada and India in different ways.

Canada-embassy-event-RAN_6648 Julio Falavinga

Canada-embassy-event-RAN_6653 Roberto Riveron

Musical notes

Jazz performance by Canadian members jazz band Okan and Brazilian musician Julio Falavinga entertained the guests. Although the two main members of the Okan band were unable to attend their Indian tour this time, the band's performance was the highlight of the event. However, the other two members of the band took over the stage with Julio and gave an impressive performance. “We had to make last minute changes since two band members could not come. But the good thing about jazz is that it is set up in such a way that musicians can have a shared experience and a shared base. Without ever having worked together, it is possible for musicians to meet on stage (as we did with Julio) and prepare a performance quickly. We did the same and it seemed we had been playing together, he said Jeremy Ledbetter , the Okan pianist, added: I would like to understand the music again. Indian music is one of the richest in culture.