When Remo D'Souza met the 'Step Up 2' star, Robert Hoffman met

Filmmaker-choreographer Rowing DSouza is impressed with the fame Step Up 2, Hollywood actor and choreographer Robert Hoffman The new music video Aag Ka Gola L.A, highlighting how Hoffman and his work have inspired him.

I am very happy that Robert is here. It's great to see him here because you all know that I made a dance film, and I got inspired after watching 'Step Up'. And here, I am standing with Robert who has been a part of 'Step Up'. He is great dancer and actor, said Remo, while intracting with the media when Robert Hoffman visited his shooting set.

Remo added: You see a very different Robert in this video, because we have seen him dancing in the streets and in a great avatar and this (music video) is something very intense and serious, which is very surprising. You can tell he is a great actor.

Sharing your experience knowing Rowing D'Souza , Hoffman said: He is a gentleman. I enjoyed talking with him. I appreciate being welcome to the set. I am very excited about how colorful this set is.

The video of Aag Ka Gola L.A features Robert Hoffman with Jas Sagu. The song is sung by Saurabh Shetye and composed of Saurabh Durgesh . The video is directed by Arsala Qureishi.

Remo, who directed dance films like ABCD: Any Body Can Dance, ABCD and Street Dancer 3D, did his part to hardsell Hoffman video: I came here to support the Blow Media video 'Aag Ka Gola L.A'. It's a premiere video ..