Wafa Khatheeja Rahman: Anoop used to inform me of the scenes and I would form my own lines in Beary for them

In 2012, when Byari, of director Suveeran, which was the first Beary-language film to win the National Best Film Award, the renowned social worker and lawyer M B Abdul Rahman of the community made an emphatic statement.

We got this after a long struggle to establish ourselves as people of letters, music, culture, theater and now movies, he said.

Little would Rahman, who was also the first president of the Beary Sahithya Academy, knowing that his own granddaughter would also enter the cinema someday. Actress Wafa Khatheeja Rahman , who played Dulquer Salmaan Bride in Anoop Sathyan ’S Varane Avashyamund He is happy to be able to play a Beary girl in the multi-star game and even say some lines in the language, spoken in certain areas of South Karnataka and North Kerala.

Wafa, who is also a senior LLB student in Kochi, says: Although there aren't many of our community in media such as movies, I've been getting good support and our people go in large groups to watch the movie. The fact that Beary is also talking in the movie, especially in the scene where I get mad at Dulquer outside a movie theater, has been exciting for everyone. ”

On the actress, who debuted with Shankar Ramakrishnan ’S Pathinettam Padi, was roped in for Varane Avashyamund , she says, “I knew choreographer Sajna Najam personally since school days and she is the one who urged me to audition for Pathinettam Padi. I used to love music, dance and theatre and had no movie experience or plans, but she felt I would be right for this particular character in Pathinettam Padi, for which Shankar sir was looking for someone. After the movie was out, I happened to give a couple of interviews, in which I naturally said I am not a Malayali and is from Mangalore. Around that time, Anoop Sathyan was looking for a non-Malayali girl to play Dulquer Bride in his film, and his assistant Jithin noticed me.”

The film ’S shoot had already begun when she joined the team. Wafa, whose character is also named thus, says she loved the brief about her character who isn't scared to leave behind a relationship to pursue her goal.

So who wrote the lines in Beary for the paper? “Anoop used to give me a summary of the various situations, for which I used to form my own lines in Beary, instead of someone else writing it in another language and I translated it. My mother was also on set, so we used to discuss and incorporate popular words used in Beary in my dialogues. Many scenes were filmed with Beary, although they were not all used in the film, says the actress.

Wafa was recently featured in a Valentine’s Day special music video too, by Pathinettam Padi composer A H Kaashif. The aspiring lawyer, who has already grabbed a prestigious placement, says she wishes to do good movie roles alongside pursuing her dream career.