Now is the UP destination for Kannada filmmakers

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Kannada film Kanti actor Sriimurali was recently seen shooting in Khirkiya Ghat in Banaras for the movie Madagaja. A scene involving the actor, who was dragged by the police, represented by local artists, was recorded in the ghat. With the panoramic camera across the picturesque waterfront, the actor then moved to a boat where a scene was filmed in the middle of the Ganges River. For a period of almost 12 days, the film, directed by S Mahesh Kumar , will be shot in various parts of the city, including the ghats like Scindia Ghat.

“Sriimurali who arrived a day prior to Maha Shivratri, also went for darshan at Kashi Vishwanath Temple and made offerings in the temple. Shiv baraat , a tradition followed on that day, also attracted the actor who participated enthusiastically in it. He even joined the procession while moving in the city with some fans who recognized him and greeted him, ”reports a source.