Sayantani Ghosh: As a child I expected to go to Appu Ghar during my trips to Delhi

He stars in two daily programs and presents a sports program. Sayantani Ghosh Little time for herself. Traveling, which she loves, is the one who suffers the most. I don't have time for that, he tells us when we reach her on her brief trip to Delhi. Like most of his trips to Delhi, this has also been for work, but the ' Sanjivani 2 ' Actress sneaks in some time to buy in Dilli haat in Pitampura She says: I am happy that the weather was not too cold because I am not doing well in the cold. I had come to work, but I managed to have some free time to have a quick view of Delhi. This is how most of my trips to Delhi are. Although I really wish I could take a longer rest and spend more time here.

Sayantani's association with Delhi dates back to when he had not even entered the television industry. Remembering his childhood memories in Delhi, he says: I remember going to Appu Ghar. I had all those walks and I really expected to go to Delhi because I wanted to go there. In Mumbai, these theme parks emerged much later. . But even after coming to Delhi several times for so long, he has not been able to cross out one thing on his wish list: buy at Janpath. She explains: Years ago, I had cleaned NIFT and had come here to get my results. I was at GK then and I really liked the atmosphere there. Every time I come here, I plan to go to Janpath but it never happens. Janpath is jinxed for me. I hope next time I can get the chance to go there.

 Sayantani Ghosh Sayantani says there is competition on television now that when it started 14 years ago

After being part of the industry for 14 years, Sayantani has seen it grow and evolve. She began her journey with 'Kumkum' and ' Comedy Circus 'and is still active with shows like' Sanjivani 2 'and' Naagin 4 '. The biggest change he has seen is the increase in competition. There is a lot of competition now. There are so many channels. When I started, the competition was still there, but now there is so much work that new people come in every day. So it's really hard to stay relevant. She tells us.

TV might have evolved over the years in terms of competition but several concepts have remained evergreen. For instance, Sayantani is currently starring in 'Naagin 4' and she was also part of the first season of the show, all the way back in 2008. Shows like 'Naagin' have these concepts that are deeply rooted in the Indian upbringing, especially mythology, Sayantani explains. That's why shows like Mahabharata and Ramayana click more often than not on Indian television. Fantasy-based shows work. I did 'Naagin' back in 2008 and I'm doing Naagin again in 2020. So yes, while there has been a lot of development in terms of entertainment and the audience has evolved, such concepts will always resonate with the Indian audience, she adds.