Is working in the television industry too stressful for artists?

In 2018, television actors Pranav Misshra and Jyoti Sharma, the main couple of 'Aisi Deewangi ... Dekhi Nahi Kahi 'he allegedly left the program due to undue mental stress caused by the alleged inhuman treatment of his producers. Shilpa Shinde, known for playing Angoori Bhabhi, who resigned Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pe Hain He had a FIR against the producer of his program accusing him of sexual harassment, mental torture and not paying his compensation. Time and again, the artists of the television industry have opened up on erratic work schedules, insecurity, financial instability, imbalance in working life, without real friends and constant pressures. To add to that, incessant media and public scrutiny, job loss and shortage of lucrative projects, the reasons for mental illness among television stars have often been cited. Television celebrities talk about the factors that cause them stress and depression and how to address them ...

“Not only the actors, but also the technicians need a break”

Vivian (2)

“Television people must be realistic and not obsess with their fame and success. You don't need thousands of fake friends on social media, you just need a few good, genuine and positive people around you, ”says Vivian Dsena. And he adds: “The working hours of television should be more organized. Not only the actors, but also the technicians need a break. Once a week should be mandatory for our peace of mind.

You smile for others, but deep down you are depressed

Unfortunately, many times we smile for the camera, says Himanshu Malhotra, and adds: If you're not working, you're invisible, and that's when people start asking you questions of different types. They tell you that acting is not a stable profession. It creates a lot of confusion in the mind of an actor. You tend to forget that there is a thin line between sanity and madness, which leads to thinking too much about stress and anxiety. You start to put a facade and live a schizophrenic life where you smile for others, but deep down you are depressed. You just don't know how to handle it, which generates suicidal thoughts.

Himanshu Malhotra (14)

The actor emphasizes that it is important to be real. “Acting and professional career are only part of your life. There are so many things that an actor or any other human being can do to survive, ”he suggests. It's a bit bad world

Jasmin Bhasin 3.

Jasmin Bhasin, who was friends with Sejal Sharma, says: “It is a cruel and ugly fact that you are treated according to your success in this industry. It is a bit of a bad world. Therefore, you will not always be treated well if you are not doing well. Somewhere, people have lost that bit of humanity and love. This leads to anxiety, depression and insecurities and, ultimately, suicide. But suicide is the solution, ”he adds. They fight to make time for the family

Shubhaarambh's actress, Dipna Patel, feels that mental illness is not only a problem with the actors, but also with the young people who join the television industry. She adds: “Both the amount of hours and the days we shoot are not healthy. People of the highest level in television and other fields lead a balanced life and enjoy family time and manage the time to exercise, meditate and travel. However, it is the employees and the actors, who are the lowest level who suffer and struggle to make time for their family or rest.

Dipna Patel (5)

She states that it is important that people at the higher levels become compassionate and care about the welfare of the people who work in them. “If they show care and gratitude to each actor, the management team goes home only to sleep so that their companies and channels run smoothly, it will make everyone in the industry happy. People who work on television get Saturdays and Sundays abroad. If we start having two days off from work, it will help us relax, rejuvenate in a big way and keep mental stress at bay, ”he insists.

There is no guarantee of success

Rehaan Roy says it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to survive as an actor. “Even after that, there is no guarantee of success. It is an extremely competitive profession and there is no place for weakness. If we do not accept our weaknesses, we end up suffering from depression. I feel that, to avoid such a situation, an actor must create his personal space, ”says Rehaan.

Rehaan Roy (3)

The actor has his own group of people with whom he relies on moments of stress. “I call these people my inner circle. This includes my parents, some friends and my pet, ”he adds. The erratic nature of this profession puts you to the test

Mohit Malhotra says: “From the endless wait to return to work to the sadness of leaving his hometown, the battle to face a new city, loneliness and no real friends to talk to when they are stressed, television artists They have to overcome a lot of challenges.

Mohit Malhotra (4)

And he adds: Often, financial instability also acts as a major obstacle as you get older. The erratic nature of this profession puts you to the test. You really have to be strong to face the challenges of this profession and survive.

An actor's confidence is like a balloon

Amal Sherawat

“Acting is a seasonal job, so, in my opinion, each actor must have an alternative source of income to maintain balance and softness. Most of the time there is a fear of being judged or being the subject of gossip, which affects both the personal and professional health of an actor. I also firmly believe that the confidence of an actor is like a balloon, which could be broken even with the slightest prick, for example, the failure that leads to thinking too much and depression. I've been through all this, ”says Amal Sehrawat, popular for her role in Chhoti Sardarni. There is a lot of pressure since the shooting hours are long

Arjun Bijlani (4)

The life of a television actor is probably not easy, there is a lot of pressure since the filming hours are long and one has to balance the personal and professional life, says Arjun Bijlani, and adds: Staying motivated is very important, one needs to have A nearby support system. It can be your immediate family or close friends. It can be your immediate family or close friends.

My mentor friend kept me motivated

Mrunal Jain admits that television as a profession is very demanding and that not everyone can balance personal and professional life given the pressure and insecurities.

Mrunal Jain.

One should have a friend at 4 in the morning, who can be called at any time and share their feelings, leave when necessary. I have also seen a low phase when, despite giving repeated auditions, the program was not materializing/cracking. I doubted myself and my talent, but my mentor friend kept me motivated. I worked on my dance skills, physical fitness and speaking. I kept the patience and got two movies. My positive mental attitude made me survive the calm in my career. A soap opera actor often neglects his life and personal time

Shashank Vyas shares that the problem with this profession is that everything is public and social networks only make things worse. Shashank that is currently seen in Roop Mard Ka Naya Swaroop , he says, “A soap opera actor often neglects his life and personal time and continues to seek happiness where he cannot be found.

Shashank Vyas (1) (1)

Television gives you name and fame, but you are as good as your last successful movie or your last successful television show, one must remain connected and understand that there is more to life and career than just name and fame.

I focused on personal growth and positivity

“I have suffered depression two or three times in my life when I was not working. Almost at the same time, things were not going well in my personal life too. I felt useless and thought I would never succeed in my career, says actor Rahul Sharma, who appears in television series. Lukka Chuppi .

Rahul Sharma5 And he adds: The industry has to do with glamor and have a bright life on Instagram. But in reality, waiting to get a job often becomes daunting, which is often the reason behind the actors' suicide. Rahul did not give up and instead focused on overcoming his mental illness. “I started training and transformed my personality, I became thin and six pack abs, which increased my confidence. I focused on personal growth and positivity. Moving to spirituality and meditation calmed me as an individual and changed me as a person, ”he adds.

''All that glitters is not gold

Actress Simran Budharup who debuted with a television show. Nazar , emphasizes that it is important to have the right group of people around you.

Simran Budharup (1)

All that glitters is not gold. The television profession is demanding and also brings a set of insecurities. The entertainment industry is unpredictable and sometimes the work may not be constant. You need to plan your career objectively and have at least two friends with whom to share your life, especially in a city like Mumbai, says Simran, and adds: Family support comes first.

Workshops for television actors to deal with stress and anxiety.

“We have regularly been organizing these workshops and counseling sessions on stress management and breathing management, where friendly discussions are helpful for everyone who is feeling or going through. In fact, we did a session on Facebook Live on January 31 where Dr. Anjali Chhabria, the well-known psychiatrist, addressed the issue of mental illness among television artists, says Amit Behl, actor and joint secretary of the Executive Committee of TAPE Actress Nupur Alankar, a member of the association, who advises her co-actors and unit members on the sets of her television programs, conducts counseling sessions with a friend. While the association is trying to help television artists through various activities, the producers refuse to follow established guidelines regarding shifts and working hours, which are often real to their stress.

Actor Sushant Singh, Secretary General Hon. Of CINTAA, says: “It is a known fact that there is a pattern of unregulated work in the television industry that causes stress. Producers set erratic shooting times, filming for 14-16 hours, which often extend to 24 hours. Even the stations are aware of this, but nobody does anything about it. We have written several letters and notices to television producers to meet the 12-hour shift. In fact, we have written to both the state government and the central government to take action against this. the Rang De Basanti In addition, the actor adds that many television actors are afraid to come forward and file a complaint against their producers if they are forced to work for long hours or if they receive unprofessional treatment. The people of our fraternity often do not cooperate, have many insecurities and are afraid if they raise their voices or say no to long hours of work, will be fired or will not get a job. Some do not want their names to come out. However, when they give the alarm and communicate with us, we intervene and provide them with a support system, ”he adds.