My new chat program will evoke genuine laughs: Pearle Maaney

When one thinks of a presenter and actress Pearle Maaney One of the first things that come to mind is his cheerful and dynamic personality. The former host of D4 Dance who was last seen on television in Bigg Boss Malayalam The first edition is delighted to be part of an upcoming program entitled Fun nights with pearl That counts with what she does best: talk, make people laugh and entertain. Pearle, who also awaits her debut in Bollywood, a director of Anurag Basu, tells us what she has in store for the public.

You are back as a host after D4 Dance. How different is the show going to be?

I would only know more about that once we started shooting. All I can say is that it is a chat program that will be full of fun. Although I received many offers for chat programs, before and after my marriage, I never wanted to accept them, since everything was something I already did. I wanted to do something that highlighted the fun element in me. I liked how this program fit perfectly, and would appeal to the audience of all age groups, which includes ammammas and children, evoking genuine pottichiri .

Image credit: Daisy David Photography


In today's world, there are enough problems, and even social networks are flooded by publications of such cases. There is never a departure from all this, and yet I think you only have one life, and you can spend time laughing and relaxing, without thinking about anything serious. The program resonates with my mantra that no matter what happens, you should always find a reason to smile.

When the creators informed me about the concept, I said: Wow, let's do it. I feel that this is my home, and when it is a fun show, you feel that you are not working, you are enjoying. While you're part of the show, Srinish’s S athya Enna Penkutty It is transmitted on the same channel. how does it make you feel?

We are not talking about anything other than what belongs to the house, such as Why have the plants not been watered? (Laughs) We do not discuss anything beyond that. That said, it was never planned to have shows on the same channel, but it feels great, since the team that works with Srini would also join me. Then, they will join well with him and me.

You also recorded a promotional video of your program with Srinish. How did that happen?

Srini had come to pick me up, since my car tire was punctured that day. It was a coincidence that on the same day the director had asked me to film a promotional video to publish on social networks. That's when Srini appeared, and everything you see in the video was done on the spot and we did well in one shot. I was having pazhampori at that time, and it happened that the scene we filmed forced me to tantrums, that I was asking what my program was, and I replied playfully that my program was called on the snack.

Recently, you published Rajith Sir is Uyir about the Bigg Boss contestant. Do you have favorites this time?

I don't follow the program much, and I've only seen it in parts, through the cuts or promotional videos. I also see people's opinions and trolls. The day I posted about Mr. Rajith was after watching the show for two days, and I felt that he was hurting himself physically, in several cases. I am someone who has been inside the house and I know how it feels. Claustrophobia is something serious, and only when you get stuck in an elevator, do you really understand fear. And, when you're stuck, if someone shows you a knife, even if they don't intend to hurt you, that can be horrible.

It's the same feeling when you're in Bigg Boss, and nobody from outside can understand what it is like to get trapped inside the house. In such a situation, never entertain physical violence. It bothered me to see this, and even if someone else were in their place, I would say the same. I can't tolerate someone getting hurt in the program, and no matter what, you can't touch or hurt someone. You can't justify that. You can scream, but the moment you touch a person, you cross the limit.

Regarding personal favorites, I can't choose one, but one person would only like someone who matches his character. The person who wins will reflect which side the outside world is, good or bad. That will show the inclination of the majority of the audience. I don't want to confuse people picking one up. I like them all. Some of them are my friends too.