Strict measures must be taken against those involved in the Delhi riots: Anurag Thakur

CHANDIGARH: The Union minister, who has been under fire from the opposition for his alleged hate speech during the Delhi assembly polls, said Sunday that strict measures should be taken against those involved in the community in the capital national who claimed more than 40 lives.

The Minister of State for Finance and Corporate Affairs addressed a press conference here after meeting with stakeholders from various trades and industries during an interactive session organized by the tax department.

At the press conference, he was asked to comment on the alleged hate speeches made by him and other BJP leaders in the period prior to the Delhi elections and how such vitriolic speeches caused riots in the city.

Strict measures must be taken against those involved in (Delhi) riots. The strength of us is that people of various religions coexist and live together contributing to the construction of the nation, Thakur said.

Commenting more on communal riots, he said: The police are doing their job ...

When asked again about his supposed hate speech, Thakur said: I think sometimes there is also a lack of information in the media about the way some things are projected.

Evading a greater response on the issue, the minister of the Union chose to talk about the economy of the country.

India should move forward. We have made great strides in the economy and we will also do it in the future ..., he said.

Thakur added: Starting Monday, the parliament session will begin, questions are also raised from the economy to various other issues and on that platform (in parliament), answers will be given on various issues.

If you have questions about the economy, you should ask them ..., he said when the media answered questions about his supposed hate speech.

When journalists mentioned the wording of the alleged hate speech, the BJP leader replied: This is not what I said ...

Rejecting any additional comments on the matter, the BJP leader said: The matter is subjudgment. You (the media) must have complete data (about your supposed hate speech). Half information can be dangerous ....

The Delhi High Court had recently expressed anguish over the fact that it did not register FIRs against three BJP leaders for their alleged hate speech in relation to CAA-related violence and asked the police commissioner to make a conscious decision to respect.

Congress has said it will vigorously raise the issue of communal unrest in Delhi during the second part of the parliamentary budget session starting Monday and will require the Minister of the Interior of the Union Amit Shah The resignation for alleged police failures to stop the violence.